Observed Today 101

Today I saw a people who desire to be who they want; a people who barely know how they will make it through life; people who manage to hustle, on a daily basis, their family’s next meal. It begs the question ‘what is being done to help our people here in Jamaica?’. 

Now, there is the matter of identity crisis. Will the people realize how much power they have when working in unity or continue in selfishness because one is chasing after what is not his? Because we struggle with identity issues, it is hard to become the people we need to become in order to survive. 

The message is still ringing from the voice of the late Right Honourable Marcus Garvey, that we ought to emancipate our selves from mental slavery and free our   minds. It is only by doing this will we ever exceed the expectations of our own and those looking on to see our failure. 

Let us work on becoming a people built on the principles of love, so we can be united against all odds.

Blessings – ShaynPrince



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