Observed Today 102

Today was another day with heat, cold, rain, people and definitely problems. 

The people I met today though were fun. Couples, friends, families all, came and had themselves a great time. 

What stood out for me was the two children on my tour who were actually interested in what i had to say and engaged themselves in the tour. This gave me motivation and hope. We have intelligent children in our schools and I believe it has a lot to do with ‘home training’ whereas, their surroundings are stained with good principles and good manners. 

Let us work on getting our families here in Jamaica to understand the importance of leading and living by example for our children to grow in an environment of a polite and educated people. Wisdom comes from God as well as the ability to comprehend, so trust the ability we have all been given.

Blessings – ShaynPrince


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