I Am Concerned

I need to understand the reason behind Expensive health care and expensive medical studies… Is it a case where we all should just go through life and accept sickness as punishment for not being able to afford to live? People who have worked hard to raise their children and have a home, get affected by some kind of cancer that wipes all that success away changing the situation of achieving wealth to attaining poverty in exchange for proper health. This is crazy. If my family hardly have the money to cover the medical bills and there is a serious health issue in the family, even after treatment, we will have to find that money in order to cover that expense. While there are institutions put in place to aid in covering some of the expenses, there will always be a recurrance. That family will then be dependant on that institution to always fund their medical expense, but to what extent? And for how long? 

My point is, Health care is way too expensive and for what reason?

While that is an issue, there is another issue of preferential treatment in some medical institutions and that should not be. Regardless of the different levels of health care, the issue is not with injured persons being priority over those with the common flu, but just the way the situation is handled, like those who even have the common flu or dont even know what virus they have, have to wait for hours in a hospital just to find out what is wrong and then after waiting for so long, still was not diagnosed because unfortunately the symptoms mentioned is similar to many viruses and u end up have to pay for tests to be done. After doing these tests and paying this money you find out other unhealthy developments. By the end of the run around, you would have already gone bankrupt and still dont know what is wrong with you. 

Sometimes you ask for help, you dont get it, because everybody is dealing with sick in the family or have just completed some treatment and trying to get back on their financial feet. 


I am concerned. I am upset. I am also praying that at some point in time we will realise the importance of helping each other.

We need to understand the concept of love for each other and the concept of unity where we serve each other unconditionally. 



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